All learning activities are “child friendly”.   As a teaching curriculum, we use one of the most popular and best Christian-based teaching programs in the country called “A Beka Book”.   They are the largest Christian textbook publisher in the world and have been providing quality education materials since 1974.  This curriculum will teach students the basic educational fundamentals such as ABC’s, including how to recognize them and what sounds they make, as well as colors, shapes, and numbers. 

Our curriculum classes are on the same schedule as the school year – September through May. During the summer months we supplement the A Beka Book curriculum with other Bible-based classes. The children get to learn about God’s Word as well as Jesus and His ministry and His purpose for us today. 



  • No child shall be left alone or unattended
  • Signing in/out is required before a child can leave
  • A fire escape plan is posted and fire drills are rehearsed
  • All playgrounds are fenced and follow state guidelines
  • All staff members are trained in First Aid, Child CPR, and required to attend 24  hours of continuing education yearly
  • All toys are checked periodically for breakage that could result in a child’s injury

TUITION (as of 7/17/2024)

Full day tuition includes lunch and two snacks a day for all children not still on baby food.  Prices are based on your child’s age on August 15th.  The price will remain the same throughout the year unless your child is moved to another room.  Current tuition rates are below; please contact the Daycare for other fees that may apply.
  • 6 weeks – 12 months……………….$ 170.00 per week *
  • 12 months – 24 months ………….$ 160.00 per week *
  • Two year – three year olds ………$ 155.00 per week *
  • Three year – four year olds ……….$ 150.00 per week * ($5.00 additional charge per  week until  completely potty trained.)
**  $20 snack fee due monthly.  **
Jessica Sharrett, Director
Tara MIlhorn, Asst. Director