The development of quality relationships and involvement in meaningful learning experiences are crucial for every child’s well-being and early development.  Therefore, our K4 preschool program has been specifically designed to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment.  Classes incorporate sound educational curriculum with plenty of experiential play to keep young students motivated to learn and develop. 
At TACA children acquire social skills through positive interactions with teachers and peers. They develop early math and literacy skills through a balance of instruction and self-directed activities and engage in an array of opportunities that encourage age-appropriate development of motor skills, problem-solving, and creative thinking. Our program utilizes the A Beka curriculum from Pensacola Christian College along with other supplemental materials and learning activities. These experiences guide children in learning about God’s world as well as equip them with the foundational tools necessary for an advantageous start in kindergarten.

K-5th Grade

The elementary program at TACA provides a fundamental academic foundation that is Christ-centered and Biblically based.  The Bob Jones University curriculum (BJU Press) is used for instructing students in kindergarten through fifth grade in a variety of subjects including literacy, mathematics, science, history, and Bible.

It is important that young students master academic content to their fullest potential. Therefore, teachers encourage students to perform at high levels of achievement and structure lessons so that students are engaged in direct instruction, small group work, and hands-on learning experiences to meet the needs of students with varied learning styles and abilities. To ensure that students receive a complete and well-rounded educational experience, academics are supplemented with enrichment subjects that include library, art, music and movement, computer technology (3rd -5th grades), Spanish, and physical education.

Most importantly, students enrolled at TACA not only develop a love for learning, but a love for the Lord, Jesus Christ. Students learn foundational Biblical truths through daily Bible lessons, scripture memorization, weekly Chapel worship services, and community outreach ministry opportunities.  Bible classes in the elementary grades strive to instill an understanding of God’s plan for His creation that includes the redemption of mankind through His Son, Jesus Christ.  It also seeks to foster students’ character values that reflect a developing relationship with Christ.  These values include respect, teamwork, integrity, accountability, love for others, and honoring Christ in all we do.


6th-8th Grades

The middle school program at TACA advances learning from the elementary grades and prepares students for a more complex course of study that progresses beyond the fundamental foundation toward secondary and college preparatory classes. The primary academic curriculum for grammar, language arts, science, history, and Bible is Bob Jones University (BJU Press), but also incorporates McDougal-Littel mathematics texts. Classes are taught from a Christ-centered and Biblically based perspective to help students in the middle grades develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for God’s role in all areas of life.

Students in middle school quickly progress from elementary academic content to more complex skills.  Teachers work to ensure that students master essential requirements and progress to high levels of achievement.  This occurs through carefully planned lessons that help to target student performance and enhance learning to an increased level of academic excellence. Direct instruction, small group work, hands-on learning, collaborative projects, and differentiated teaching are utilized to meet the needs of a diverse range of learners. Academic classes are supplemented with enrichment subjects that include art, computer technology, Spanish, physical education, and drama to provide students with a balanced educational experience.

Middle school is often difficult. Adolescence is a time of rapid cognitive and physical change. Students want to gain independence from parents and form their own identity.  This impressionable time in life implores a deeper understanding of the importance of a Biblical worldview as part of the Christian walk along with enhancing one’s personal relationship with Christ.  Students attend daily Bible classes that include scripture memorization, Bible study that connects scripture to daily life applications, and pursues a deeper knowledge and love for the Word of God. It seeks to teach students the value of forming one’s own identity in Christ as well as developing quality character traits that uphold a Biblical worldview.

9th-12th Grades

Students enrolled in the high school program are offered the advantage of smaller class sizes while still engaging in a complete high school experience. High school courses include a rich selection of academic subjects, co-curricular activities, and community outreach service opportunities.  Ensuring that students are well prepared to enter college is the primary focus of the high school program at TACA. 

The curriculum for high school students is comprised of Bob Jones University (BJU Press), A Beka, and McDougal-Littel.  Students must complete the required course of study set forth by the state of Tennessee and the TACS requirements, which exceed the state requirements.  Graduates of TACA will receive a college preparatory diploma. (See graduation requirements.)  All courses presented at the high school level are Christ-centered and Biblically based.

When students are preparing for life on their own, it is essential to have a resolute understanding of the truth of God’s Word.  High school Bible classes incorporate daily devotions with real-life Scriptural applications, exploration of Bible doctrine, thematic Bible study, forming and defending a Biblical worldview, evaluating personal beliefs based on Biblical truth, and showing the love of Christ through service to others. Each student is challenged to realize their strengths and spiritual gifts. This prepares a young person to assume their role in the body of Christ, the church, and society.

The exceptional learning environment offered by TACA molds students into accomplished graduates that are chosen by leading universities and employers. The average ACT score for the Class of 2020 was 25.  TACA alumni have gone on to attend collegiate programs of study at the University of Tennessee, Virginia Tech, ETSU, Carson Newman, Liberty University, King University, Emory & Henry, Longwood University, Welch College, and Lee University.  TACA graduates have also received impressive honors that include the Liston Honors Scholar Award, Appalachian Leaders Scholarship, Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship, King University Academic Scholarships, Fine Arts Performance Scholarships, and the Tennessee Hope Scholarship. A single graduating class of nine students from TACA received remarkable honors with over $500,000 in academic, fine arts, or state scholarship awards.